Wednesday, June 19, 2024

“Balancing The System Around Noise Is Another Important Yet Complex Design Element”

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Q. What are the things to be taken care while overclocking a graphics card?
A. Overclocking could easily reduce the product lifecycle. Therefore, the quality of product (the material and components) will be extreme critical for overclockers. For high-end series graphics cards, we use UDV material to ensure the quality and durability. So overclockers and gamers can enjoy their games.

Q. For the hardcore builder, what tools would you recommend for temperature and acoustic measurement?
A. For the temperature measurement, builder can use GPU-Z, or they can check it with GIGABYTE OC GURU software easily. For the acoustic part, the best way is to build an anechoic chamber with professional device; however, it’s quite difficult to create such condition in real life. From what we heard, users can now simply download some specific apps on mobile devices and do the measurement. Nevertheless, please note that the environmental/background noise might be included, and the actual numbers might be different from the official numbers.


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