Manual code inspection could lead to fatal consequences


Q. Do you believe in after-sale-service?
A. For any company to survive in this tough market, the after sales service is one of the most important factors. PRQA supports its customers from the start of an evaluation through to post-sale by offering a wide variety of training, consultancy and services to ensure that our products are embedded into the client’s process and used effectively.

Q. What are your marketing strategies?
A. We help organizations around the world to develop high quality C and C++ code. Our marketing approach emphasizes the fact that the most effective way to use Static Analysis is ‘early and often’ in the development lifecycle and strongly advocate “Continuous Code Inspection”, so that issues are identified and resolved as soon as possible before they turn into latent problems.

We find defects and identify code which is poorly written, through a very accurate dataflow engine and by analyzing how well code conforms to coding standards. We help to create coding languages (we are voting members of ISO C++) and also to write coding standards (such as MISRA – where we sit on the MISRA-C Working Group and HIC++ published by us in 1993).


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