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STMicroelectronics leads MEMS and Sensors Innovation, Production and Application for IoT

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Q. How important is the Indian market for ST and what are the possible MEMS trends you see?

Vishal Goyal, Senior Manager - Technical Marketing, Analog and MEMS Group, RF, Sensors and Analog Custom Products, India, Asean and ANZ, STMicroelectronics
Vishal Goyal, Senior Manager – Technical Marketing, Analog and MEMS Group, RF, Sensors and Analog Custom Products, India, Asean and ANZ, STMicroelectronics

A. According to Gartner, MEMS-based smart sensors are set to gain maximum traction in the worldwide smart sensor market that is forecast to grow to $57.77 billion by 2022; at 18.1% CAGR. The market is driven by factors including concern toward security & surveillance, rising need for energy-efficient devices, growing consumer electronics sector, surge in automotive industry on a global basis, favorable government initiatives, and growing trend of miniaturization in sensors.

MEMS in India is at its starting point and seen massive growth in mobile phones. MEMS is also a key pillar in IoT applications. MEMS sensors like Accelerometers and Gyroscopes, as well as Humidity and Temperature sensors are widely used in IoT applications. A few use cases include Home Automation, Smart City, and Smart Industry. Sensor data will also enable a wide range of cloud services

Q. The IoT is a very big concept which covers a lot of segments. Which segments are ST mainly focused on?

A. Our IoT strategic focus addresses Smart Industry, Smart Home, Smart City and Smart Things. Smart Industry can bring safer and more efficient manufacturing. The philosophy of the Smart City is to share resources better. The Smart Home will improve our quality of life and our security. Smart Things can bring innovative cost-saving solutions for healthcare.

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Q. What is your growth perspective for Indian MEMS industry?

A. STMicroelectronics has partnered with many Indian companies and have been working with some of them for two years and now their products are being sold in Europe and USA markets. We hope more and more customers can know MEMS better.

STMicroelectronics globally has huge experience in promotion of MEMS products and we also have had great success in embedded systems. We have developed a kit, development tools and software that help develop embedded systems with MEMS and the full portfolio of ST products. The growth in consumer electronic products alongside the introduction of the sensors in the automotive and medical segments ensures stable growth and the continuing expansion of the MEMS sensors market.

Q. Talk about ST’s latest products displayed

i) SensorTile connectable sensor node: plug or solder

STEVAL-STLCS01V1 (SensorTile) is a highly integrated reference design that can be plugged into form-factor prototypes, adding sensing and connectivity capabilities to new designs through a smart hub solution. It can also easily support development of monitoring and tracking applications like standalone sensor nodes connected to iOS™ or Android™ smartphone applications.

The SensorTile occupies a very small 13.5 x 13.5 mm square outline, with all the electronic components on the top side and a small connector on the bottom side to plug it onto the cradle expansion board. The connector pinout is repeated on 18 PCB pads to render the SensorTile a solderable system on module as well.


o Very compact module for motion, audio, environmental sensing and Bluetooth low
energy connectivity with a complete set of firmware examples
o Mobile connectivity via the ST BlueMS app, available for iOS and Android
Main components
o STM32L476 – 32-bit ultra-low-power MCU with Cortex M4F
o LSM6DSM – iNEMO inertial module:3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope
o LSM303AGR – Ultra-compact high performance eCompass module: ultralow
o power 3D accelerometer and 3D magnetometer
o LPS22HB – MEMS nano pressure sensor: 260-1260 hPa absolute digital
o output barometer
o MP34DT04 – 64 dB SNR digital MEMS microphone
o BlueNRG-MS – Bluetooth low energy network processor
o BALF-NRG-01D3 – 50 Ω balun with integrated harmonic filter
o LD39115J18R – 150 mA low quiescent current low noise LDO 1.8 V
o 2 V – 5.5 V power supply range External interfaces: UART, SPI, SAI (serial
o audio interface), I²C, DFSDM, USB OTG, ADC, GPIOs
o Pluggable or solderable interface
o SWD interface for debugging and programming capability
o RoHS complian

ii) SandPuppy FITBELT


SandPuppy FITBELT is a smartphone-controlled, pain relief device with a deep, penetrating heat and micro-vibration for on-the-move back-pain relief. The device embeds ST’s low-power microcontroller (STM32L0), Bluetooth™ low energy (BLE) network processor (BlueNRG-MS), and a high-side driver (VN5012AK-E).

ST product inside:

o Micro-controller: STM32L051C8T6
o Access line ultra-low-power 32-bit MCU ARM®-based Cortex®-Mo+,up to 64 KB Flash, 8 KB SRAM, 2 KB EEPROM, ADC
o Bluetooth: BlueNRG-MS
o The BlueNRG-MS is a very low power Bluetooth low energy (BLE) single-mode network processor, compliant with Bluetooth specification v4.1
o High Side Driver: VN5012AK-E


o Portability – Use it wherever you go, while working, in your car or in flight
o Heating – Deep warmth with temperatures adjustable up to 60 degrees Celsius
o Micro Vibration – Adjustable vibration levels to add a soothing hum and melt away the pain
o Smart – Customize heat and vibration levels on a user friendly SandPuppy app
o Fitbelt Dimensions : Length – 45″ Width – 6.75″ Height – 0.5″ to 1″
o Comes with its own charger, mobile app, travel pouch and size extender
o Conceptualized, designed and assembled this product in India by Afferent Wearable Tech Private Limited

Q. Can you share ST’s market leadership in MEMS

A. ST is a leader MEMS and Sensors Innovation, Production and Application
‒ # 1 in MEMS sensors for consumer and mobile
‒ # 2 in MEMS micro-actuators

STMicroelectronics has shipped 12 billion of MEMS sensors to date. The achievement reconfirms ST’s position as the clear leader in MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) devices for consumer and portable applications. ST is the only company to offer the full range of Sensors & Micro-actuators. We continue to develop new products out of our existing family and we have invested heavily to consolidate our leadership position in these applications and we are working to grow in Automotive and Industrial applications.


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