“R&D takes time to be fruitful, so we preserve our R&D investment even in the more difficult of times”


Q. There have been different terms I’ve heard in NI Week this year. One was the cyber physical systems, then you mentioned about the Wired magazine’s Programmable World, and then Internet of Things. Are these different terms given by engineers to the same stuff or is there actually some difference between these?
A. Each proponent of these different things will likely argue that they’re slightly different. I’ve done my own reading up on all of the materials and I believe they’re more or less the same thing. Of course, everyone has a little different angle. Industry 4.0 is more targeted at the factory automation and things, but it’s the same. The technology that’s required and the technology barriers all of them talked about are the same. I think they are the same.

Q. Which term is NI going to be more close to? Like, GE is associated with the term Industrial Internet or Ethernet. They don’t use the term Internet of Things. Is NI going to be associated more with Cyber-Physical Devices?
A. Cyber physics is interesting, especially in academic tense. Many of the researchers talk about their researches in the cyber physical systems. That’s one you’ll see, but I don’t know if we’re completely settled right now. We’re trying to describe how we see this going forward.


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