Saturday, December 10, 2022

Tech Advances, the India Strategy, and the Importance of Value Instruments

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Q. Could it happen that low-end value instruments can erode the market for high end value instruments? 

A. You are perfectly right, it can happen. Some of the value instruments might act as close substitute to the higher end in the near future.However at R&S, presently we have strong differentiators at high end equipments which helps customers to decide as per their testing needs. There is obviously something in between features and so we leave it to the customers to decide. Of course we provide consultation/ guidance to them to decide the best instrument to solve their measuring problem.

Q. How has the reaction been in India with respect to your value instruments and in particular for the oscilloscopes?

A. Unlike other manufacturers ,we will not say that it has been very exciting but it has far exceeded our expectations. In R&S we always believe in pushing limits. If you look into the oscilloscope market, it is always been a very competitive market unlike the RF /microwave premium instruments market. Despite this, we have been able to achieve our internal targets and are on the right trajectory to achieve double digit market share by next BY.

Q. How is the decreasing value of rupee affecting the global strategy?

A. It is an issue and that is for sure but I would not go that far to say that it is affecting the global strategy.

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Q. How would the new manufacturing policies unveiled by the Indian government beneficial for the companies to shifting a part of their plants to India?

A. With the current market size that we have in test and measurement, I don’t think there is any discussion at this end at R&S Hqs in Munich. One has to also look at many other aspects as well like the integration of work force between the R&D head quarters and the local manufacturing set-up in a different country. This is a more tougher job when we are doing technology work.



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