Thursday, January 26, 2023

“Vivado meets need for integrated design environment”

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Leveraging the advanced processes, we deliver the performance, cost, power consumption and capacity once the exclusive purview of application-specific standard products and application-specific ICs. Exploiting the inherent flexibility of All Programmable devices, we offer designers the ability to adapt to changing standards or product specifications late in the design cycle – even enabling field-programmable upgrades after manufacturing.

Today, Xilinx’s All Programmable devices are designed into a very broad variety of applications including automotive infotainment, ultrasound imaging, robotically-assisted surgical systems, infrastructure for wireless computing and mobile applications, consumer 3-D TVs, mobile communications for the networked battlefield, and even sophisticated space vehicles exploring the outer reaches of the universe.

For us, the future is clear. The programmable imperative will continue to result in growth across all our market segments as we continue to exploit technical innovations to deliver ever more powerful All Programmable devices.

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