Sunday, June 23, 2024

AI System To Detect Social Distancing Breach

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Researchers developed and tested an AI video surveillance system that can detect social distancing breach in an airport.

Due to Covid-19, there is an increasing demand for the technologies that can help ensure the protocols are being followed. Researchers from the Griffith University have developed an AI video surveillance system that can detect social distancing breaches in an airport without compromising privacy of the travelers.

By using the image processing techniques, the team bypassed the traditional need to store sensitive data on a central system. Researchers say that data privacy is one of the biggest concerns with this technology because the system has to constantly observe people’s activities to be effective.

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The case study by the team was completed at the Gold Coast Airport which had 6.5 million passengers annually with 17,000 passengers on-site daily before Covid-19 hit. Researchers tested several algorithms, which were less bulky to be effectively processed locally. 

“Our goal was to create a system capable of real-time analysis with the ability to detect and automatically notify airport staff of social distancing breaches,” Professor Tjondronegoro said.

Professor Tjondronegoro said their AI-enabled system design was flexible enough to allow humans to double check results, reducing data bias and improving transparency in how the system works. He further added, “The system can scale up in the future by adding new cameras and be adjusted for other purposes. Our study shows responsible AI design can and should be useful for future developments of this application of technology.”



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