Multiple Sync Module from INNOS forms the one stop solution for LTE deployment in any area and environment with all the three types of technologies (GPS, Air Sync and IEEE-1588 on one board. It has IEEE-1588 Slave/Sync detection function that has been designed in FPGA. It has no RF device except for the log detector and has a highly accurate clock output. It is small in size and requires low power. It also has a low phase noise, which means that the system performance would not be highly affected.


Z1C_Image-3 F62_1

This is not all, today when the different synchronization modules are being used only for a definite application, this MSM can be used for various applications, the top ones being BTS systems (base transceiver station), Femto systems and Telecom base station. This means that this synchronization module can be used with almost all the communication devices starting from a mobile phone to the devices used for Wide area network technology.

Sneha Ambastha is a technical journalist at EFY Gurgaon.


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