Friday, December 1, 2023

“We Need to Focus on the Purpose of Why We Create, Who We Create For and What Purpose Our Product Will Serve”

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In this interview with Priya Ravindran from EFY, we have Manuel Rei, Industry Director, Dassault Systemes and K Suresh Kumar, chief executive officer (CEO), Chipware Technologies, shedding light on their joint venture for providing 3D design software, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform!

Manuel Rei, Industry Director, Dassault Systemes and K Suresh Kumar, chief executive officer (CEO), Chipware Technologies

Q. Let us begin by talking about your 3D experience platform.
A. Dassault Systemes is a 3D Experience company. We believe that in order to empower our customers, we need to identify the experience they desire. In keeping with this, we use our 12 brands in order to build a 3D Experience platform, starting from specifications, to the chip and end-customer experience. This is meant for our customers to imagine the experiences they want to provide to their customers. We operate across 12 industries.

Q. Tell us about 3D Experience for the semiconductor industry.
A. Nobody buys a semiconductor from a super market, but every electronics device you buy has one or more semiconductors in it. We built a tailored solution for the semiconductor industry, which we call ‘Silicon Thinking.’ Basically, we try to understand the market, our customers’ challenges and their problems; we then work on the R&D, devise the solution and provide it to our customers. For providing the solution in the Indian market, Dassault Systemes has partnered with Chipware Technologies, because they have the right business collection and technical support to promote our solutions, and sell our solutions in India.

Q. Take us through Silicon Thinking.
A. Silicon Thinking is a 3DEXPERIENCE platform in one single environment. We are talking about design engineering, manufacturing and even procurement. You need to know how much material to buy and which brand to opt for. The goal of silicon thinking is you use one single source of data, and make everything replaceable. When there is any problem, you can single-handedly troubleshoot it using this platform, find the issue, go back to see where all in the design the particular block is used, assess impact, and rectify. The advantage of Silicon Thinking is that it helps you take the right decision faster. A better gain on the dollars spent on research, and better testing capabilities is what the platform provides.

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Q. Talking from a chip perspective, what enhancements would you need for creating 3DEXPERIENCE?
A. Let me make an analogy. Consider Make in India. For this, we first need prospect; second, we need an idea to make the dream come true; and the third would be to manufacture the idea. Silicon Thinking solution is built along similar lines. In Silicon Thinking, we first have applications to help our customers think of an idea, by looking around and surveying the market, the economy and the society. Next is understanding the requirements for implementing the idea and turning them into specifications like market specifications, social specifications, language and technical specifications. You can collect all of these inside the platform, categorise them and sum them up in order of priority. After you have a good idea of what you can do with your product, what is left is to architect the chip. You define the IP block you are going to use in the product, assemble the design and verify it as per the specification.


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