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“We Use Encryption and Secure Practices to Protect Sensitive Information”

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During a conversation with EFY’s Nitisha Dubey, Akhand Pratap Singh, Director of Vymanik Aerospace, discussed the company’s customised drones and security protocols.

Akhand Pratap Singh, Director of Vymanik Aerospace,

Q. What Vymanik Aerospace do?

A. Vymanik Aerospace specialises in custom drone manufacturing, providing personalised solutions for aerial surveillance, inspection, and mapping needs. Our drones are meticulously crafted to meet clients’ unique requirements in these areas. Additionally, we offer full-service support for aerial surveillance and mapping, utilising the advanced features of our drones to deliver accurate, actionable data. Vymanik Aerospace has served prestigious clients, including the Indian Army, various state governments, State Police departments, NSG Commandos, research institutions, and universities.

Q. How do you ensure the reliability of your drones in extreme environments?

A. Each drone is meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring reliability and effectiveness across diverse operational environments. Moreover, we prioritise on-time after-sales services to minimise downtime for our clients. By providing timely maintenance, support, and troubleshooting assistance, we ensure uninterrupted operations and maximise the value of our drone solutions for our customers.

Q. Who are your target audience, as customers?

A. Our target audience includes government agencies, private enterprises, research institutions, agricultural firms, construction companies, and other organisations requiring aerial surveillance, inspection, and mapping solutions.

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Q. Do you source components from India or from around the world?

A. We source our components from reputable suppliers globally, including cutting-edge propulsion systems, advanced sensors, and intelligent flight controllers. Our frames are crafted and tailored to meet the demands of our clients and the diverse environments in which our drones operate.

Q. Can you please share examples of famous cases in which your drone was used?

A. Vymanik Aerospace’s drones are versatile tools used across industries. They inspect infrastructure like bridges, roads, and buildings; aid in disaster management for rapid assessment and search operations; support law enforcement for surveillance and crowd monitoring; monitor air and water quality, wildlife habitats, and deforestation; map mines and urban areas; conduct thermography in solar parks; inspect transmission lines; monitor crops; and assist in construction, engineering, emergency response, border security, and urban planning. Our drones enhance efficiency, safety, and decision-making in diverse applications.

Q. What are your primary revenue streams?

A. Our primary sources of revenue include the sale of customised drones, maintenance, and aerial surveillance, mapping, inspection services, training programs, and consulting services for drone deployment and integration.

Q. Can you shed some light on how you manufacture these drones?

A. Our manufacturing facility is based in Muradnagar, Ghaziabad. Our corporate office in Greater Noida is the central hub for our operations and strategic planning. We are planning to establish additional manufacturing of agricultural sprayers and crop health analysis drones. This expansion aligns with our vision to diversify our product offerings and cater to the evolving needs of the farming sector.

Q. How about after-sales services?

A. Our after-sales services include maintenance and support packages to ensure our drones’ continued reliability and performance. These services may include regular inspections, software updates, troubleshooting assistance, and repair services. The benefits of our after-sales services include minimised downtime, optimised operational efficiency, and enhanced longevity of the drone investment.

Q. Do you provide internships?

A. Yes, we provide internships for students interested in hands-on experience in drone technology, manufacturing, research, and development. There are both 6-month and 45-day options.

Q. What key challenges does your firm face?

A. We face challenges that are common within the drone industry, including regulatory hurdles, technological advancements, competition, and public perception regarding privacy and safety concerns.

Q. What are your future expansion plans?

A. Our future expansion plans include further diversification of our product offerings, exploring new markets, enhancing our manufacturing capabilities, and investing in research and development to stay at the forefront of drone technology.

Nitisha Dubey
Nitisha Dubey
Nitisha Dubey is a journalist at EFY. She focuses on startups and innovations with a deep interest in new technologies and business models.


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