Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Let us Learn Scilab

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If multiple sentences are entered in the same line, they should be separated by a semicolon (;). You can exclude a line from the execution. for example, when you want to add a comment, add ‘//’ at the start of the line. Go to Options > Preferences to change font type, colour and other general settings. Fig. 2 shows the SciNote window which features a program to calculate ten terms of the sequence defined by u1 = 1, un+1 = 2un – 3.

//Calculation of ten terms
for n=1:10

Click on Save and execute icon in the toolbar, or go to Execute > Save and execute, or press F5 on keyboard to save the instructions typed in SciNotes, and execute it in the console.

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Scilab help
A lot more complex features are also available in Scilab which are beyond the scope of this article. Fortunately, Scilab comes with a simple and elaborate embedded help menu that has listed every available function. The user can access the help window from the menu bar: ? > Scilab Help.

Pressing F1 key also opens the help window. Alternatively, type:


in the console and press Enter/Return to get help.

Download latest version of Scilab: click here

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