Tuesday, June 25, 2024

FPGA Design Engineer At AgniKul Cosmos

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  • Conceive architectural, conceptual and design components of digital, signal processing, and communication systems using FPGA for Agnibaan and Dhanush
  • Realize all logical circuit designs and signals processing algorithms in RTL
  • Conceive, review and implement designs onto FPGA/System OnBoard Chip platforms
  • Bring up and validate devices that will work in space
  • Support firmware engineers with optimal hardware designs.

Minimum Requirements

  • Prior experience in all stages of silicon development: RTL design, validation, synthesis, timing analysis
  • Experience integrating logic onto SoC platforms and designing high-throughput PS/PL interfaces
  • Extraordinary understanding of DSP fundamentals
  • Prior work experience in interfacing with high-rate conversion interfaces
  • Experience designing and modeling DSP blocks and algorithms (filters, modems, etc.)

Basic Qualifications

  • Masters in Electrical Engineering
  • Software development skills (C/C++)
  • Scripting skills

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Masters of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering or equivalent area of focus.
  • 5+ years with FPGAs or ASICs (internship and research experience qualifies)
  • 5+ years using Verilog, SystemVerilog, or VHDL

Additional Requirements

  • EXTRAORDINARY commitment to work is an absolute MUST
  • Ability to work all required shift hours, including overtime, and weekends, as needed
  • Experience within the aerospace, automotive, semiconductor, or electronic fields

Location: Chennai

Company: AgniKul Cosmos

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