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Guides and reviews on software tools.

Software for Automotive and Telematic Operations

This article includes an overview of various Telematic Operations and Automotive software. It explains software such as, PCMScan, EOBD Facile and IBM Watson Automotive Voice assistant. Visit: Full Version: Paid If you...

NOOBS 2.8.1: Raspberry Pi Setup Made Easy

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer popular among do-it-yourself (DIY) experts. Be it for electronics-based projects or for home use, Raspberry Pi finds a special place. While regular users are well-aware...

gEDA: A Complete Set of Tools for Electronics Design

When there was no free electronic design software available for Linux and Unix users, gEDA, or GPL-Electronics Design Automation, project took the initiative to cater to the needs of PCB designers....

Tools for Engineers, Coders and Media Enthusiasts

PICSimLab PICSimLab is an electronics development board emulator. It comes with an integrated MPLABX debugger. It supports PICs and simavr microcontrollers. This open source emulator supports real-time emulation and has support for...

KiCad: An Electronics Schematic Design and Layout Creation Suite

Electronics design engineers require a number of software to create and verify their designs digitally, before moving to production. KiCad brings all these tools together under one platform, making their tasks...

OpenSCAD Software for 3D Modelling

Designing prototypes is made easier by creating the model digitally first. This ensures accuracy and flawlessness in the design before moving ahead with the physical creation. For this purpose, computer-aided design...

Useful 3D Printing Tools and Messaging Solutions

Cura Ultimaker has built a 3D-slicing software called Cura. It is open source and easy to use. For advanced users, Cura offers up to 200 customisations. It runs on 64-bit platforms and...

Slic3r: A Reliable 3D Printing Companion

The use of 3D printing has become extensively popular over the last few years. Software has taken up a gamut of responsibilities to aid the process. In this article, we explore...

Blender: A Superb Tool for 3D Designs and Animations

For computer animation enthusiasts and 3D designers, Blender is a popular and useful software. It is free, open source and highly ergonomic, making creation of 3D designs and models easy. It...

Symica: Circuit Design and Simulation Tools for All

Symica software suite makes IC design easy and accurate. By including various tools including schematic editor, simulator (using SPICE), waveform viewer and analyser, it provides a complete ecosystem to design and...

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