Sunday, June 16, 2024

Reference Design Of USB BC 1.2 Compliant Charger

Do you want to design a battery charger that can accurately monitor the status of your battery pack? Then this reference design can simplify your work.

The Reference Design from Maxim Integrated is a single cell li-ion battery charger. It is optimum for both charging and monitoring the status of a Li-Ion cell. The reference design employs a MAX14746 IC which is a USB charger that integrates a charger detector, linear regulator, and smart power selector to provide up to 2A of charging current. The reference design is compliant with USB Battery charging  Rev1.2*. The charger is capable of detecting different battery charging methods including Standard Downstream Port (SDP), Charging Downstream Port (CDP), and Dedicated Charging Port (DCP). The reference design can also detect common proprietary charge adapters, including those from Apple1.

This reference design employs the ModelGauge m5 algorithm which offers high estimation accuracy and has a low power consumption. The reference design can be used for various applications which include portable consumer devices, digital imaging (DSC, DVC), portable industrial devices, USB 1-cell pack equipment, etc.

Block Diagram of Reference Design is shown in the figure below:

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Block diagram of Reference Design.


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