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Industry’s First SCR Thyristor with 150°C Junction Temperature in D-PAK Packaging

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Ideal for switch applications like phase control in heating, motor speed controls, converters/rectifiers and CDI

Beijing, China, October 25, 2017 —Littelfuse, Inc., the global leader in circuit protection, today introduced a series of high-temperature SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) thyristors, the first of their kind to offer a junction temperature of 150°C in compact surface-mount D-PAK (TO-252) packaging. These devices are also available in through-hole V-PAK (TO-251) packages. Standard SJ Series SCR Thyristors have a low gate current trigger level of 6mA or 15mA maximum at approximately 1.5V. Sensitive models in the series feature a gate trigger current of less than 200μA. These sensitive gate devices can be easily triggered by sense coils, proximity switches, and microprocessors.

Applications for SJ Series SCR Thyristors include capacitive discharge ignition (CDI) systems for motorcycle engines, portable generator engine ignition, strobe lights and nailers, as well as generic rectifiers, battery voltage regulators, converters and inrush current limiting circuits in AC-DC converters. They are also ideal for use in controls for power tools, home/brown goods (such as consumer electronics like televisions, radios, digital media players, and computers) and white goods/appliances.

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“Despite the SJ Series’ compact D-PAK and V-PAK footprints, its high junction temperature of 150°C allows for performance comparable to that of SCR thyristors in larger TO-220AB and TO-263 packages because it has a wider operating margin,” said Koichiro Yoshimoto, business development manager, Semiconductor Business Unit, at Littelfuse. “The combination of a higher junction temperature and excellent surge handling capability will allow designers to replace existing SCR thyristors in larger TO-220AB and TO-263 packages, and allow others to design smaller products.”

SJ Series SCR Thyristors in D-PAK and V-PAK
SJ Series SCR Thyristors in D-PAK and V-PAK

SJ Series SCR Thyristors offer these key benefits:

  • High junction temperature of 150°C provides a wider operating margin in existing designs and allows the use of smaller heat sinks in new designs.
  • Compact D-PAK and V-PAK packages enable smaller board designs by making it possible to replace larger TO-220AB and TO-263 packages.
  • Robust clip-attach package design enables high surge capability, so they can tolerate harsher operating conditions.
  • High di/dt capability enables higher voltage output in capacitor discharge ignition applications.


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