Wednesday, July 17, 2024

DC-DC Inverting Converters That Reduce Component Count By Half

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Integrated level-shifters reduce board space by 72 percent, energy loss by 35 percent and improve voltage transient protection

As network edge devices expand with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, designers seek solutions that not only reduce heat but also use less board space.

Helping them achieve their goals are the small, high-efficiency synchronous inverting DC-DC step-down converters, the MAX17577 and MAX17578. 

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These 60V DC-DC converters with integrated level shifters save up to 72 per cent of board space by reducing the component count by half while using 35 per cent less energy. Both ICs reduce size, heat and cost while simplifying the design of negative output voltage rails needed for analogue signals in factory automation, building automation and communications systems.

Key Advantages

  • Cuts component count to 50 per cent and reduces design size by 72 per cent
  • Six percentage points higher efficiency and dissipates 35 per cent less energy
  • Has a wide input voltage range of 4.5V to 60V 

“By integrating level shifters, the MAX17577 and MAX17578 reduce design size and component count dramatically for baseband solutions and IoT devices,” said John Woodward, business management director, Industrial Power Product Line at Maxim Integrated. “These efficient negative voltage regulators reduce system temperature rise and support the industry’s widest input voltage range to provide robust protection against unpredictable voltage transients.” 

  • The MAX17577 and MAX17578 are available from Maxim Integrated and authorised distributors. Their respective evaluation kits, the MAX17577EVKIT# and MAX17578EVKIT# are also available. 
  • EE-Sim models are available at Maxim Integrated’s website.


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