Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Qualcomm S5 Sound Platform Promises Premium Noise-Free Sound

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Qualcomm has launched the S5 Sound Platform, a bluetooth Low Energy(LE) audio module based on bluetooth 5.3 dual-mode radio technology.

No one prefers unwanted noise in their vicinity, especially when a person is on a call and cannot interpret what the person is saying on the other side of the network. Even when the earphones are plugged into our ear the continuous howling of wind makes it impossible for the user to completely interpret the words spoken on the other side.

Qualcomm has introduced a solution to this problem generated due to noise. The S5 Sound Platform is developed to provide premium audio in any environment. It is a bluetooth Low Energy(LE) audio module based on a bluetooth 5.3 dual-mode radio. The device supports Snapdragon Sound technology to deliver premium audio in places where there could be interference from many other devices.

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The S5 Sound Platform by Qualcomm. | Credit : Qualcomm

This module uses third-generation Qualcomm Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that seamlessly adapts to wind noise, and transparency depending on the users’ environment and prevents howling noises. The Qualcomm aptX Voice Audio delivers super wideband voice quality with 32 kHz sampled audio and a flat 16 kHz frequency response. It also supports up to 3-microphones and has Qualcomm cVc Echo Canceling and Noise Suppression (ECNS) which uses beamforming to cleanly capture the sound.

The transfer data rate was measured to be up to 3 Mbps (Bluetooth EDR) with a latency of 68 ms for wireless audio to fully synchronize the audio experience with on-screen actions. The device comprises a 32-bit programmable app Dual-Core CPU with a clock speed of up to 80 MHz, external flash memory, and a Dual-core 240 MHz programmable DSP audio subsystem. It can be controlled via 24-bit audio interfaces or a USB interface.

  • Application : Wireless earbuds, Headsets, Speakers
  • Technology : Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Standard : Bluetooth V5.3
  • Bluetooth Application : Audio
  • Bluetooth Low Energy : Yes
  • Data Rate : Up to 3 Mbps
  • Current : 4 mA
  • Dimension : 4.930 x 3.936 x 0.57 mm
  • Package : WLCSP


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