Saturday, May 25, 2024

Common-Mode Filter With ESD Suppression For ADAS

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  • These are required in cellular communications and GPS systems for ADAS
  • Automotive-grade qualified and simplify board design

Two new common-mode filters (CMFs): ECMF04-4HSM10Y and ECMF04-4HSWM10Y have been launched by STMicroelectronics for high-speed serial bus protect interface ICs. These integrate transient-suppression diodes with low clamping voltage.

Traditional discrete common-mode chokes or LTCC (low-temperature cofired ceramic) devices are typically larger and provide no ESD protection. However, the CMFs mitigate these issues by suitably replacing this equipment. Essential for reliable functioning of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), these CMFs are placed on high-speed data lines for camera, radar, display, multimedia and other connections to prevent interference with wireless-communication equipment. Thanks to a small footprint, the devices save board space, simplify design and lower bill-of-materials costs.

High-bandwidth and protection of GPS systems

The ECMF04-4HSM10Y has 2.2GHz differential bandwidth for suppressing common-mode noise on HDMI 1.4, MIPI and connections. Deep attenuation of -25dB at 900MHz and -14dB at 1.5GHz prevent radiated noise from reducing the sensitivity of cellular and GPS antennas.

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The ECMF04-4HSWM10Y has a wider 3.5GHz bandwidth for applications such as LVDS, DisplayPort™, USB 3.1 and HDMI 2.0 buses. With -30dB attenuation at 2.4GHz and -16dB at 5.0GHz, the ECMF04-4HSWM10Y protects Bluetooth® equipment and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) Wi-Fi antennas, as well as cellular and GPS systems.

The CMFs are not only produced and qualified according to AEC-Q101 requirements but are also designed and tested against automotive surge specifics such as ISO10605. They are currently in production now and come in 2.6mm x 1.35mm QFN10L package.


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