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Compact AC-DC Converter With Reliable and Cost Saving Features

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  • MORNSUN’s new power supply is optimal for a wide variety of applications ranging from IoT to industrial control
  • Is highly reliable with great cost-effectiveness

A flyback converter in a switching power supply is the most common AC-DC power supply. With the development of integrated circuit technology, most of the circuits in the flyback converter are integrated into the IC with a few peripheral components, making it possible to build a power supply that has general functions with just adding a suitable transformer. The design is simple but not optimized for personalised and differentiated needs. This makes engineers confused to balance the design cycle, cost, reliability, ease of use, dimensions, performance and personalisation of power supply.

Now, MORNSUN’s new AC-DC Converter “LS-R3” series aims to resolve this challenge.

Multi cost savings

The cost of power supply accounts for the largest amongst the cost of electronic devices, forcing many customers to use discrete solutions to reduce costs. But discrete solutions can only reduce raw material cost; there are still multiple types of cost included such as design cost, manufacturing cost, time cost, management cost, quality cost and invisible risk cost, etc.

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The LS-R3 series can help you save such “multi-dimensional“ costs“:

  • Design cost: MORNSUN integrates circuit into its self-designed IC which further simplifies the peripheral circuits of the LS-R3 series. thereby the number of peripheral components is reduced to save cost.
  • Manufacturing cost: LS-R3 series is based on full automation manufacturing. It not only reduces the labour costs but also improves product consistency and pass rate, which makes LS-R3 series provide low-quality cost and manufacturing cost.
  • Time cost: Users can design peripheral circuits according to their own applications, which can shorten product design cycles, save customer’s design costs and time.

Flexible design for all-round application

It is expected to make electronic devices in the shortest possible design cycle. However, shortening the design time often results in rough product design. Adding personalisation may make the design complicated with poor compatibility and low economical efficiency.

By adopting different peripheral circuits, LS-R3 can be used in almost all applications including low-cost consumer products and even high-end power for extremely harsh outdoor environments.

Compact size

In order to conform to miniaturisation and meet the application requirement of customer in smaller dimensions, the LS-R3 series removes all redundant designs, compacts the circuit layout, replaces the terminals and designs the transformer according to the power section, reducing the product dimension by about 43 per cent.

High reliability

The circuit of the flyback converter in the power supply product is simple and easy to be designed and produced. However, the power supply circuit has to be extremely reliable. According to statistical data, a major cause of failure in electronic devices is the damage to the power supply. Therefore, the power supply is the “key” of the entire system reliability.

As shown below, the high reliability of MORNSUN LS-R3 series ensures better product reliability.

Outstanding performance

The LS-R3 series can achieve an input voltage range of 85-305VAC, which can meet the global universal voltage requirements; the static power consumption is as low as 0.1W, which meets the six-level energy efficiency and is suitable for many industries with high power consumption requirements. It can work with a full load at -40 degrees Celsius and 50 per cent load at +85 degrees Celsius, making it compatible with applications such as smart miniature circuit breaker, smart gateway and portable charging box.

Other features

  1. Compact size:26.4*14.73*11mm (5W)
  2. Multi-application, flexible layout
  3. High power density, high reliability
  4. No-load power consumption as low as 0.1W
  5. Output short circuit, over-current protection
  6. Meets IEC/EN/UL62368 standards (pending)


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