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Radar-Based Contactless Solution For Entrance Into Public Spaces

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  • The innovative and accurate solution by Infineon Technologies helps maintain social distancing to prevent the risk of COVID-19 infection
  • Using a radar sensor, the attachable board counts the number of people anonymously

In order to slow down the spread of COVID-19 amongst the general public, government authorities all over the world have laid down certain precautionary guidelines. Under these circumstances, there is a need for solutions to secure social distancing in public buildings.

Taking heed of this, Infineon Technologies has developed a solution that counts the number of people entering and leaving buildings or rooms and ensures social distancing at the same time. The Smart entrance counter solution is a small, discrete radar board (20 mm x 15 mm) that can accurately and anonymously count the number of people with a single 60 GHz radar sensor and integrated software.

The smart entrance counter solution with XENSIV™ 60 GHz radar sensor works contactlessly and can easily be installed on the side or ceiling of an entrance or exit. It can be implemented in all kinds of building types, such as public buildings, retail and grocery stores, restaurants, schools or corporate spaces.

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“We aimed at quickly creating an effective solution that allows everyone of us to securely move within public spaces, in offices, airports or restaurants according to the regulations of the so-called new normal”, says Andreas Urschitz, Division President Power & Sensor Systems Infineon Technologies. ”Our Smart entrance counter solution is a closed system. On the one hand, it prevents overcrowding, on the other hand, it enables businesses to keep their operations running. And most importantly, due to the use of radar technology personal data are 100 per cent protected. The system counts a person, but does not know who it is.”

The Smart entrance counter solution (KIT BGT60TR13C EMBEDD) with integrated software is available now. The second generation will be available in September 2020.


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