Sunday, April 21, 2024

TIC022-MUX/SR: New Embedded Test and Programming Interface

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With TIC022-MUX/SR, GOEPEL electronic presents a new external TAP interface card (TIC) for operation with the Embedded JTAG Solutions platform SCANFLEX. The module serves as the interface for performing various test and programming procedures and can also be integrated into other test systems, such as In-Circuit testers and flying probers.

TIC022-MUX/SR is compatible with the TIC022/SR and adds support for multiplexed operations using an external debugger or emulator with a COP interface. In addition to JTAG/Boundary Scan, various protocols are supported, including BDM (Background Debug Mode), SWD (Serial Wire Debug) and SBW (Spy-Bi-Wire). With a wide voltage range, the module can be optimally adapted to the respective UUT (Unit under test).

All signals to the UUT are electrically isolated; operation is possible over distances of up to 4 meters. The compatibility with other TIC modules (TIC022, TIC122 …) and the complete support of the software platform SYSTEM CASCON gives the user a future-proof test system, which can be extended to new emulation protocols at any time through integrated firmware updates.

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GOEPEL electronic is a leading provider of innovative test and inspection solutions for printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and electronic devices and systems. The company is divided into four divisions:

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