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Vicor Corporation Introduces New60V Cool-Power ZVSBuck-Boost Regulators

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New Buck-Boost Regulators Feature Best-in-Class PerformanceWhile Being Simple to Use

vicorAndover, MA – September 21, 2016 – Vicor Corporation (NASDAQ: VICR) today announced the addition of two new buck-boostregulators to its Cool-Power® ZVS Regulator portfolio. Delivering up to 200Watts atgreater than 97% efficiency, these newCool-Power Regulators incorporate Vicor’s proprietary high frequency zero-voltage switching (ZVS)technology and feature best-in-class conversion efficiency, power density, and performance. Engineered and optimized as a complete solution,PI3741-0xregulators arean ideal choicefordemanding, automotive, industrial,test, automation,lighting, battery regulation, and telecom applications.

Conventional, hard-switching buck-boost regulators are handicapped by switching losses and exhibit conversion efficiency degradation when operating from a higher voltage input source with extended dynamic range. Vicor’s ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator technology minimizes switching losses and maintains high efficiency over the specified input voltage range while enabling high frequency operation for improved power density and fast dynamic response to line and load transients. The PI3741-0x regulators have a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C and require only minimal external components to form a complete high performance regulator.

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BothPI3741-0x regulators operate over a wide input voltage range of 21 – 60 VDC and integrate aZVS controller, power switches and support circuitry within a high density, thermally adept, 10mm x 14mm x 2.5mm SiP (System-in-Package). The PI3741-00 delivers a user-definable output voltage in the range of 21 – 36 VDC while the PI3741-01supports a higher output voltage in the range of 36 – 54 VDC.

PI3741-0x regulators also feature:

  • High frequency operation (1MHz)
  • Singlewire current sharing forparallel operation
  • Over/under-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current protection
  • Integrated current monitoring amplifier
  • User-configurable high bandwidth differential amplifier
  • Bidirectional synchronization options
  • Over 200Wpeak power or up to 6.5A continuous current in a 10x14mm package

These latest additions to the Cool-Power ZVS Regulator portfolio continue to provide best-in-class performance while also being simple to use. Backed by an online suite of design, system analysis and simulation tools, these new regulatorsenable users to quickly and economically configure high-density, high-performance and highly reliable power systems for accelerated time to market.



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