Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Quantum Computing Applied to Optical Fibre Network

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Employing quantum computing, strategic network points can be analysed for improvement.

Cinfo and Kipu Quantum have collaborated on a project using quantum computing to enhance the resilience and robustness of the Galician operator’s optical fibre network, using the R infrastructure. This project applies quantum computing’s capabilities to assess the network’s ability to withstand outages and critical situations.

The quantum algorithm developed can pinpoint the network’s most vulnerable nodes, those whose failure could significantly impact service continuity. This insight enables proactive measures, leveraging current quantum technology, to enhance network availability and service quality.

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Cinfo prepared the network model for this project, aligning it with the capabilities of available quantum computers. Kipu Quantum contributed by developing the quantum algorithm model for analysing the R backbone network.

The analysis involved two phases: using quantum annealers and neutral atoms. Unlike conventional computing, neutral-atom quantum computers, with their large qubit capacity, process data in the same time frame regardless of network size.

In the project’s first phase, a quantum annealer analysed each node on currently available quantum computers, particularly using 180 of D-Wave’s 5,627 qubits for initial network classification and sensible segmentation. The second phase used QuEra’s quantum computer, employing 20 qubits for main lattice structure analysis and 46 qubits for combined sublattice structures.

This approach, integrating different quantum computing technologies, was facilitated by cloud services from providers like AWS Braket and D-Wave. Cloud capabilities allowed for the effective combination of these technologies.

Kipu Quantum is focused on achieving quantum advantage with application- and hardware-specific algorithms, adaptable to current hardware. Their expertise spans various fields, from optimization and logistics to finance, AI, and chemical molecule design.

The R network case study presents an opportunity for improvement in advanced fibre network infrastructures. By employing quantum computing, strategic network points can be analysed for improvement. As quantum computers evolve, their increased power will allow for more complex variables in algorithmic studies, paving the way for processing more intricate networks like R’s backbone by 2025.


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