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4 Electronics For You eBooks With Amazing Projects!

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Loved by engineers and adored by enthusiasts, presenting to you 4 popular EFY eBooks to help you create great electronic projects. Make awesome things!

1. Electronics Projects – volume 26

Electronics Projects – volume 26 is the latest in the Electronics Projects series published by EFY Enterprises Pvt Ltd. The book is a compilation of 21 tested electronics construction projects and 71 circuit ideas for Electronics Professionals and Enthusiasts. This large collection of tested circuit ideas and construction projects and is apt for students, teachers, hobbyists and professionals as well. These circuits mentioned in the book could either be used independently or in combination with other circuits, described in this and other volumes.

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2. 51 Micro Controller Based Projects

This book, a collection of 51 microcontroller-based projects, which appeared in Electronics For You. The projects have been brought together for the benefit of new readers. The book has been divided into five sections same as in the first edition viz : Security Systems, Domestic Applications, Industrial Applications, Measurement, Display Systems and Robotics.

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3. Chip-Talk

This book is created especially for the budding hobbyists and freshers who wish to step into the magnificent world of electronics, but do not have any prior electronics’ background. The book provides the required knowledge in electronics fundamentals, wiring/assembly of circuits on a breadboard/strip board etc. with their testing. Even experienced professionals, who are willing to keep them self updated with the changing technology, will have something to learn from it. The book provides complete details of over 40 interesting projects (from elementary to fairly advanced level), which have been duly tested by the EFY Lab. These projects have been picked up out of a list of nearly a thousand circuits that have appeared in EFY magazine over the past decade or so.

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4. Simple projects

This book, a collection of hardware-based projects which appeared in Electronics For You year on year. It is a compilation of 60 construction projects tested at EFY Lab. The projects mentioned here are supported with comprehensive functional description, construction details such as PCB and component layouts and parts list. Some projects also cover testing steps, equivalent part names of some hard to find components and lead/pin identification details of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (ICs).

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