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Coming Soon: An Electroprenure Park For Future Electronics Entrepreneurs!

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To promote the startups and entrepreneurs in the electronics industry, we are soon to see an Electroprenure Park powered by STPI, Deity and IESA.

Atithya Amaresh

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on 15 August, was definitely music to the ears of people from the electronics Industry. His slogan, “Make in India, Made in India” together with his mention of the scope in electronics industry was a clear indicator of how the entrepreneurs in this industry are going to flourish in the near future.

So if you too were already into the plans of becoming an entrepreneur in the electronics industry, here’s another good news. With support of Department of electronics and Information Technology (Deity), India Electronics & Semiconductor Association (IESA) is soon to bring an Electroprenure Park.

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The purpose of this interestingly nomenclated ‘Electroprenure park’ will be to promote the entrepreneurs in the electronics space. In an exclusive conversation with Electronics For You, M. N. Vidyashankar, president, IESA, said, “This is one of the clusters that we are developing in Delhi University South Campus, infact Vice Chancellor, South Campus has been very helpful and very proactive in this initiative. This is a scheme which we are doing with funding support from Deity and we are focusing on prototyping and product making.”

“We are looking forward to create a space where students can come, make use of the common facilities, get the kind of mentoring which is required, get the kind of industry inputs with regard to testing, storing et.al. We’ll tell them that these are the problems, these are the solutions we are looking at. If they can make use of this Electroprenure Park like institutions, it will be a very major change in the entrepreneurial landscape in the country,” he adds.

When asked, “Are there any financial benefits to the future entrepreneurs that this cluster will provide?” Vidyashankar replied, “After one develops his prototype, the next step will be to further assist the person with M-SIPS, the Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme of Electronics Policy, so that he can become aware of the capital subsidies involved with regards of land, building, plant and machinery. This will help him in manufacturing and commercialisation of the product.”

While IESA is the knowledge partner for the Electroprenure Park, CMR group will be its backend partner.

The current status:

The project has been approved by deity and its a tripartite MOU between STPI, Deity and IESA. The project is now under the process of getting a detailed DPR after which a CEO can be appointed to put in the infrastructure in position and manage the infrastructure.
The Author is a Senior Correspondent with EFY


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