Technology News (June 2015)


Dlodlo glasses support 2D/3D switch video, 4K video display and provide a 110° field-of-view (FOV). The glasses make users feel like warriors battling in a video game for an exciting VR experience. These do not require a PC or specific type of smartphone to use. These work on Android 4.4 OS with built-in Bluetooth and functions with any Bluetooth device, including gaming devices, smartphones, tablets and laptops. These adjust from 58mm to 70mm to help with vision problems, so there is no need to wear corrective glasses under the device.

Manipal Institute and Tata Power Solar unveil solar car

Prototype of the solar car, SERVe, developed by teams from Manipal Institute of Technology and Tata Power Solar

A team from Manipal Institute of Technology and Tata Power Solar has unveiled SERVe (solar electric road vehicle), the university’s first prototype solar car. This four-wheeler runs entirely on solar energy, weighs 590kg and can reach up to 60kmph with a cruising speed of 30kmph.

Designed by the students of SolarMobil team, the car is custom-fitted with solar panels, which are designed by Tata Power Solar.

SERVe was designed keeping in mind the mobility and commercial viability, and the solar panels have been custom-made to fit the car’s curved surface, enhancing the aerodynamics and performance of the vehicle. These panels weigh 35kg, which is less than half the weight of conventional panels, and provide up to 960W power. The car also houses a Direct Solar Drive, powered by solar panels, to maintain the cruising speed and is supplemented by extra power from its high-end energy storage system.


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