Thursday, July 18, 2024

Wireless connectivity for the Internet of Things with MSP430 MCUs

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The early stage of the Internet of Things (IoT) has already started to change the way we live, do business and make decisions. As costs of controllers, processors, sensors and transmitters decrease, anything that can be given an electronic circuit and has reason to remotely communicate with other systems is a candidate to become “smart.” This includes sensors, meters, thermostats, switches, medical monitors, motors, household appliances, vehicles, tools, even items of clothing and kitchen utensils. Whatever you name, it may soon become part of this fast-growing IoT. As the IoT demands more connectivity in everyday products, MSP430™ microcontrollers (MCUs) are targeted to enable IoT applications through an ultra-low power architecture. This includes designing for the lowest standby power, active processing power, peripheral power, and memory read and writes. MSP430 MCUs offer the best power efficiency in any IoT application for developers that truly care about low power (and ultra-low power). MSP430 MCUs have a scalable platform to support consumer, industrial, and health and fitness applications today.


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