Wednesday, April 24, 2024

IO-Link Communications Technology For Reduced Factory Downtime

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The reference design allows faster, simpler equipment reconfiguration interchangeablility of IO sensors to a standard hardware interface

Modern smart factories need to quickly and remotely adjust a sensor’s electrical characteristics for reduced downtime and increased throughput.

Now, the MAXREFDES177# IO-Link reference design from Maxim Integrated helps achieve the above by demonstrating the flexibility of the MAX22515 IO-Link transceiver and seamlessly configuring all modes of the MAX22000 software-configurable analogue IO. This chipset provides flexibility with faster reconfiguration to reduce factory downtime.

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MAX22000 and MAX22515 build upon the benefits of IO-Link’s two-way universal interface that allows every IO-Link sensor, actuator or IO expansion module to be interchangeable to a standard hardware interface. It also provides software-defined performance parameters and selectable analogue input or output performance modes. These software-selectable capabilities are combined and demonstrated in the MAXREFDES177# IO-Link reference design.

IO-Link and Software-Configurable IO

MAX22000: The software-configurable analogue IO provides up to more than half the power savings and approximately half the size compared to the closest competitive solutions on the market. Key functions integrated include a 24-bit ADC analogue input mode and an 18-bit DAC analogue output mode, as well as operations over either a single 2-wire interface or a 4-wire resistance temperature detector (RTD)/thermocouple (TC) temperature measurement.

  • MAX22515: It is a small ±1.2kV/500Ω surge-protected, single-channel IO-Link transceiver. It features high integration with protection diodes, auxiliary digital input, I2C or pin control, integrated oscillator and selectable 3.3V or 5V LDO, which help to provide high configurability and reduce SKU. It enables half the power dissipation due to low 2.2Ω or 2.65Ω (typ) C/Q driver on-resistance compared to the closest competitor, in the smallest 2.5mm x 2.0mm WLP package. It cuts the solution size by up to 67 per cent and fits into small, space-constrained IO-Link sensors or actuators.

Key Advantages

Flexibility: Software-configurable IOs and the ability to adjust device parameters on-the-fly provide new ways to dynamically optimize machine performance and reduce factory downtime.
High Efficiency: MAX22000 and MAX22515 are optimized for best-in-class power savings, using up to more than half the power savings for MAX22000 and half the power dissipation for MAX22515.
Small Size: The MAX22515 provides the smallest IO-Link single-channel footprint at 5mm² while the MAX22000 footprint is 86mm².

The MAX22000 and MAX22515AWP+ and MAX22515AWP+T are available at Maxim Integrated’s website, as well as authorised distributors.

The MAXREFDES177# reference design and MAX22000EVKIT# are available at Maxim Integrated’s website.


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