Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Smart Lighting Solution Compatible With The Google Home App

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The new LED light bulbs leverage Bluetooth technology that maintains high reliability along with low power consumption

To support Seamless Setup in the Google Home app, new smart LED light bulb, the Yeelight Smart LED Bulb M2 multi-colour light bulb ensures reliable wireless connectivity and allows users to connect and control smart home devices in the Google Home app without requiring other applications.

Powered by Silicon Labs’ BG21 solution, the Yeelight M2 bulb offers off-premise access to Google Assistant-enabled devices, as well as higher reliability. Users can ask Google to turn on/off, dim or change colours of the lights simply by using their voice. The M2 pairs directly with Google Assistant, resulting in an improved response time from Google Assistant-enabled speakers or displays. Google Assistant Routines in the Google Home app helps users to automatically control lighting using simple voice commands.

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The Yeelight M2 Bulb allows for multi-coloured effects, adjustable colour temperature and increased luminance of up to 1000 ml – bright enough for daily illumination. Seamless Setup allows quick and easy set up of smart home devices in the Google Home app in just a few steps with no additional apps required. The Google Nest device can act as a hub to connect smart home devices to the web.

“Silicon Labs’ trusted and secure smart home wireless IoT platforms allow us to build high-performing and uniquely designed smart home lighting products for our customers,” said Wilson Wei, CTO of Yeelight. 


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