Thursday, July 18, 2024

Blue Brain: World’s First Virtual Brain

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This software is specific to neural simulation. It is written in C++ and OpenGL language. It can accept the simulation output and render them into a 3D model so researchers can analyse the neural structure. Propagations of action potential are visualised so scientists can pause, zoom and analyse them.

Uploading the human brain
One of the major advantages of the virtual brain project is its ability to upload human brain into the machine and keeping alive the knowledge of the human after his or her death. It can also remember things such as phone numbers, important events, historical facts, etc, without any effort. It can also take decisions and make calculations with ease.

Nanobots are used here for scanning the human brain. These nanobots are always connected to the computer and are small enough to travel through the circulatory system. These can travel to the spine and brain, scan the human brain, analyse its structure and send data into the computer for further calculation.

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Ranjith.S is B.Tech in applied electronics and instrumentation from Vedavyasa Institute of Technology


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