Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Industry Shows On Electronics, Broadband And Cloud All Open Together!

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A quick look at the consumer angle
The event also had a special pavilion set up for the sole purpose of promoting innovative consumer electronic products.

One design which attracted the eye of a lot of business people was the hologram device. This device was able to beam media of any sort into a glass cube. As shown in the picture, it allows the viewer to see the same display irrespective of which angle he is looking from, thus providing a 360 view from all around. The representative of the firm, which designed it says that their initial use-case focus was to target executive meeting rooms, where such a device would enhance the presentation experience.

A product targeting shoppers was also showcased, which allowed anyone to try on clothing by simply standing in front of the mirror (actually a display), instead of queuing up in front of the changing room. Embedded vision cameras detected your every move and altered the clothing on you such that you get a real good idea of how it would be if you were to wear it. Changing clothes and accessories is done with a quick swipe of your hand. Your virtual image starts with the clothes that you are wearing in real life, and the virtual clothes are added on top of it — so there’s no scope of any awkward moments for your virtual self.

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Also shown was a robotic surgical system that allowed precise surgical movements to be made by the doctor from all sorts of angles. This product was designed with the aim to further enhance minimally invasive surgical methods, by enabling the doctor to observe and utilise a lot more information than was traditionally possible.

There were even more devices shown, from a bed that monitored the biological signals of anyone sleeping on it, to a virtual whiteboard device that turned any thing it focused on into a larger-than-life whiteboard.

Assisting foreign enterprises
Representatives from the government and private sector in charge of smart life industries in ASEAN countries and India, were also invited to participate in the shows and talk to domestic companies at Taitronics 2013. 350 professionals were expected to attend the forum.


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