They are usally used in factories and warehouses, as industrial shed lights, front lights, hoarding lights, etc.

“High bay LED lights have found wide acceptability in commercial applications replacing traditional CFL/MH high bay lights, which consume more power and generate a lot of heat,” says Kapil Sood, managing director, Amptek LED Lighting.

“Our bay lights have 100 per cent application efficiency and 80 per cent power effciency. Their lifespan is 50,000 hours,” says Shyam Jindal, managing director, Olive Exports.

Sanarti’s LED bulb
Sanarti’s LED bulb

Amptek LED Lighting, Sujana and Avni Energy too offer high bay lights.

For low bay industrial lighting, Rachamallu Lighting Solutions has introduced the AMIDON 45W LED luminaire. The luminaire is claimed to be a substitute for 150W high-pressure sodium vapour lamps and can also be used for outdoor area lighting (parking lots, parks, yard lighting) and streetlighting.

“It features a high-quality aluminium pressure die-cast enclosure for better heat dissipation, IP-66 protection and is aesthetically designed. CREE LEDs are used for a system efficacy of 80 lumens/watt,” says R. Sivarjun, director, Rachamallu Lighting Solutions.

Amptek’s LED light
Amptek’s LED light

Various new versions of track lighting products are available in the market. Track lighting consists of a series of lights attached to metal runners or tracks. Being highly customisable, track lighting is commercially used to high-light a piece of art or a design feature, to draw attention to a product in a retail establishment. “It allows users to mix-and-match fixtures and bulbs. Fixtures may include pendants, floodlights and spotlights,” says Sood.

Almost all LED lighting players offer downlights, but the new variants are designed for commercial applications and are available with a moderate or deep recess angle offering the flexibility to meet diverse lighting-design requirements. The LR4 downlight generates light in a new way that enables an unprecedented combination of light output, efficacyand beautiful colour, apart from being affordable. Some of the players offering downlights are Sujana Energy, MIRC Electronics, Candela Lighting Systems, Hovel LED Lighting and Binay Opto.

Sujana Energy offers a series of retrofit downlights with better thermal management. A newly designed heat-sink makes these downlights very light-weight, durable and reliable.

“All our products deliver more lumens for each watt of power consumed. Our LED products are equipped with a highly efficient acrylic prismatic diffuser having a transmission efficiency of more than 90 per cent. The prismatic diffuser reduces the glare of the LED and increases the light output footprint, making these products much more suitable for commercial purpose,” informs Hari Kiran Chereddi, managing director, Sujana Energy.

Another new offering from MIRC Electronics, Binay Opto and Sanarti is the ceiling light panel. “There are two main types of LED panel lights in the market. One is with the power supply inside and the other has the power supply outside the panel—the former has to be relatively thicker,” explains Khosla.

GlacialTech’s new addition are 595×595mm2 panel lights with back-light technology and four-side light extraction. “Designed to be both fashionable and functional, the Pollux series LED panel lights are ideal for replacing traditional tubelights or grid lights,” says Carol Chiu, global marketing head, GlacialLight.

Olive’s LED light
Olive’s LED light

There are also new types of cove lighting available in the market. Cove lights are made up of tubes or other shapes of light that are hidden high up on walls or ceilings. They give out a dramatic glow of light, and may be used as primary lighting or for aesthetic accents.

“Cove lighting is in demand because the fixtures are hidden and it provides a very even, warm light,” say B.N. Sinha and Deepak Tyagi, directors, Candela Lighting Systems. The company offers various kinds of cove lighting.

Intelligent DMX-controlled lighting fixtures are one of the new types o facade lights in the market. “These are installed with full DMX control with scene creation and scene edit. DMX is a digital control protocol that controls lighting. It can be used to control dimmer channels, intelligent lighting, etc. It is a signal storage device used for mixing colours selected from a colour spectrum in the form of digital data. These signals are further transmitted through shielded cables to the lighting fixtures accordingly, which respond to the given data signal,” explains Sood. Amptek specialises in DMX lighting.

Rachamallu Lighting Solutions’ LED light
Rachamallu Lighting Solutions’ LED light

Olive LED has come up with a unique stitching machine focus light, for which the company has file a patent application.

Scope for customisation
LED lighting products have huge scope for customisation, starting from manufacturing and design of new casings, housings and enclosures to design of luminaires as per customer specifications. Even the fixtures and drivers are being customised.




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