Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Now Easily Review, Compare and Select Products to Support RF Production and Solutions

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element14 has expanded its range of cable assemblies and connectors from Multicomp. A comprehensive selection of the latest RF connectivity products for use in electronics design and production including cable assemblies and connectors are available. Customers can easily review, compare and select products to support RF production and solutions.

Over 3,800 connectors from Multicomp are available for same day dispatch, and include AV, circular, D Sub, I/O, Industrial, modular, PCB, RF/coaxial and USB connectors. The new Multicomp products include:

  • The latest NGFF miniature RF connector technology on SMA/RPSMA RF antenna pigtail cables
  • A large selection of IP67 waterproof panel-sealed
  • Contact-sealed IP67 SMA/RPSMA RF antenna pigtail cables; even when an antenna is not connected and the SMA/RPSMA connector is ‘open’
  • Innovative RF cable assembly – Integrated in an SMA panel RF antenna interface – which makes retro-fitting antenna auto-switching in to electronic designs quick and simple, and keeps the RF switch away from sensitive electronics on the PCB
  • Tamper-secure rear-lock IP67 waterproof panel-sealed RPSMA/SMA RF antenna pigtail cables
  • Double-screened RF antenna pigtail cables help solve RF design noise problems
  • New colour cable management for popular SMA-U.FL RF Antenna pigtail cable assemblies



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