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DIY Video: NFC Enabled Smart Shirt


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We see smart gadgets everywhere, in our home, offices, Shops, even in our pockets. But now we are going to wear smart gadgets. Presenting one such project which will prove this statement “Smart Shirt”.

With this shirt, you can do some common tasks which you do on your smartphone by just tapping on the cuff. The tasks like, sharing your contact info, giving your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter IDs, putting your phone in meeting mode, shuffling your playlist and much more such tasks which you are doing on a regular basis.

The smart thing inside this shirt is the technology which we called a Near Field Communication or NFC. This smart shirt is embedded with 4 NFC tags (2 tags on each cuff). So you just need to program each tag with particular functions and your smart shirt is ready to do the tasks. Programming doesn’t mean you need to learn any programming languages or connecting any cables. You can program this shirt with the help of your NFC enabled Smart Phones.

Sachin Soni, a DIY enthusiast has made an intro & a tutorial video showing how smart shirt proves helpful for office going people.

Intro Video

Tutorial Video

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