Monday, June 5, 2023

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Improved Solar Pooja Lamp Also Powers Two Wall Clocks

Introduction In July 2021 issue of EFY, article “Solar Pooja Lamp That Runs Nonstop” was published. It uses supercapacitors to power LEDs in the night....

Utilizing Data For Better Battery Systems

iRasus Technologies is leveraging the power of data analytics to identify the barriers that sedate the growth and adoption of electric batteries and develop...

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Self-Healing Electronic Skin Heals Automatically After Cutting

Researchers at Stanford University have achieved a milestone in replicating human skin healing with self-aligning sensors. Human skin is incredible. It can detect temperature, pressure,...

JOB: Applications Engineer, II At Synopsys

APPLY HERE Location: Bengaluru Company: Synopsys Job Description and Requirements At Synopsys, we’re at the heart of the innovations that change the way we work and play. Self-driving...

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