Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Simple FM Radio Receiver Using KA 2101

Here is a simple circuit diagram of 88-108 MHz FM Radio Receiver Circuit diagram. The circuit is very simple and the components used in...

“With Quality, Cost, And Innovation, India Can Lead The Global Detonators Industry”

India is poised to achieve a significant milestone by 2023 as it becomes one of the first countries to eradicate the use of electric...

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Industry’s Smallest Buck Regulator Modules

Regulators, often, introduce losses and delays making electronics slower. Here is a possible solution. New Yorker Electronics announced the release of synchronous buck regulator modules,...

Transforming Agriculture With AI-powered Smart Camera Pesticide Sprayers

To counter uneven distribution, soil contamination, and health risks linked to traditional pesticide spraying methods, Niqo Robotics has developed a precise pesticide application method...

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