Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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Online Food Ordering System using Raspberry Pi

Expensive and high-end restaurants implement smart digital food ordering systems that allow us to directly order food and drinks. We can even customize and...

Li-ion Battery Charger Reference Designs

The main purpose of this article is to help design engineers in selecting the right battery management and charging IC and completing their proof...

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How To Make Precise Digital Weighing Scales?

Digital weighing scales are the most precise and extremely dependable when it comes to domestic, laboratory or industrial usage. In today’s competitive market, weighing scales have...

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Robotic Tentacles To Grab Fragile Objects

Researchers have developed robotic grippers using hollow rubber tubes that curl to grab objects when pressurized. Every tech enthusiast has once in their life has...

An Update On Metaverse And Cryptocurrencies

According to a recent report from global market research firm Technavio, the metaverse real estate market share is expected to increase by $5.37 billion...

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