Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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A Simple Battery Charger With Overcharge Protection

This simple battery charger, with overcharge protection, can be used to charge multiple cells in a battery. It indicates when the cells are fully...

Thermal Management System For Electric Vehicles

Recently some electric bikes caught fire due to the failure of the battery management system because of poor battery design. Unfortunately, proper thermal management...

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How To Design Accurate ‘Temperature Monitoring Systems’?

Modern electronic systems often use sensors for temperature monitoring and to provide protection from excessive temperature excursions. This can encompass varied applications and environments ranging...

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Rats Locate Earthquake Victims With Their New Backpack

Researchers have developed a “system-on-rat” with GPS and camera to locate earthquake victims stuck under the rumble. Every organism has their share in the natural...

Neuro-Chip To Manage Brain Disorders

Researchers have developed a system that can identify and manage neurological disorders with its machine learning ability. Neurotechnology is believed to impact human lives in...

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