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stereo audio amplifier

Simple 5W Stereo Amplifier For Noise-Free Music

This simple stereo audio amplifier is based on a 12-pin TA8207K IC, which is inexpensive and easily available. In addition, it requires only a few resistors and electrolytic and ceramic capacitors....

“We Aim To Work With Centres Of Excellence And Help Them Pragmatically”

Harshad Mehta and his team at Visicon Power are on the verge of setting up India’s first manufacturing plant for Silicon Carbide (SiC) components! The team has already partnered with leading...
Real Time Clock Prototye

Dual Sharing Of Real Time Clock – An Example

I have an old window AC in my lab, which is at the terrace. The AC needs to be run intermittently, especially when I am out of station and the lab...

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