millivolt meter

Simple Millivolt Meter Using Arduino

Most multimeters make voltage measurements starting from one volt and some start from 200 millivolts. With such devices lower-value measurement becomes difficult, especially for DIY projects. Here is a circuit that...
Authors’ prototype of the speed monitoring system

DC Motor RPM Display On Smartphone Using Arduino

This project presents an Arduino based speed monitoring system where the RPM (revolutions per minute) of a DC motor is continuously displayed on a smartphone using Bluetooth communication. The Arduino programming employs...

When It Comes To Innovation, Data Is Useless

While hypothesis testing is the key to generate new and relevant data, experimentation culture and discipline are essential to see that through its full lifecycle. Experimentation culture is difficult to build....

Simple Air-Quality And Gas Monitor With Notifications On Phone And Email

The Internet of Things (IoT) is commonly used in homes and industries for monitoring sensor values. In this project, the Blynk IoT platform is used to get notifications through smartphone and...
Author’s prototype for Rail Track Temperature Monitoring System

Rail Track Temperature Monitoring System

All Indian Railway Permanent Way offices monitor rail tracks to record their maximum and minimum temperature of the day at hourly intervals. It is done to check the metal shrinkage during...

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