AT89C51 Based DC Motor Controller

This is a circuit for an AT89C51-based DC motor controller that can regulate the speed, direction of rotation, and the running mode of motor. It then displays the corresponding messages on an LCD.

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8. ‘dectime’ function is the same as ‘inctime’ but it decreases reversible time by one second.

Delay. It uses the following functions:
1. ‘keydly’ function generates a fix delay of around 50 ms for key debouncing.
2. ‘delay’ function generates a variable delay by timer 0. The basic delay is of 100 μs. It is rotated in loop from five to 15 times to generate minimum 500μs and maximum 1500μs delay.
3. ‘time’ function again generates a variable delay by timer 1. The basic delay is of 50 ms. It is rotated in multiples of 20 from 20 to 180 to generate minimum 1-second and maximum 9-second delay.

Download source code: click here

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Download PCB and component layout PDFs: click here

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