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Live Telecasting on Your Web

You can download this software from the link: and install it by double clicking on bcsetup.exe file, and follow the on-screen instructions. After proper installation, you will find an icon on your computer desktop with the title ‘BroadCam Video Streaming Server.’ Click on this icon to run the program on your PC and you will get a screen as shown in Fig. 7.

Click on the Start Server button (it has start and stop functions) to start video for live telecasting.

Click on BroadCam Video Streaming Server Live to check live input settings.

Click on Open Links option to get live streaming link and web HTML code.

5. Creating an HTML page for live web telecasting. From BroadCam video streaming server program, select Tools/Options/Web Access options and click on the link given below corresponding to Local Network option:

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You will get a video streaming screen and HTML code for inserting on your webpage. Select HTML code, then copy and paste it on your webpage.

You can create your own webpage and paste a video streaming HTML code on it by using any HTML editor such as Microsoft FrontPage.

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The HTML code for creating your webpage for live telecasting is provided at the end of the article. You can copy this HTML code and paste it on Notepad editor and save the file name as index.html

6. Uploading an HTML page on your webpage. You can upload index.html file created above by following the details as described in ‘Make Your Own Web Server’ article in EFY January 2013 issue, or you can use FTP for uploading index.html to your web as explained below:
1. Click on Start-> Run button on your desktop
2. Type your ftp IP address such as
3. Enter your user name and password
4. Copy index.html file into your web wwwroot folder. (This is the root directory of your site.)

7. Watching your live programme on your Web server. Now, open Internet browser and type your web address as:

You will see your webpage as shown in Fig. 9

The author is a regular contributor to EFY


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