Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Smallest Shunt And Accuracy-Efficient Hall Effect Current Sensors

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Current sensing needs accuracy, isolation and robustness. 

Texas Instruments, a semiconductor design and manufacture company, introduces new current sensors. The products include a lowest-drift isolated hall effect current sensor for high voltage systems along with a series of current shunt monitors that eliminate the need for an external shunt resistor for non-isolated voltage rails.

Traditionally, hall-effect current sensors, which are cost effective, simpler and faster, are less likely to be considered for high voltage applications that require more sensitivity. The new hall-effect current sensor, TMCS1123, is expected to have  lifetime sensitivity drift error of ±0.5% and maximum sensitivity error over lifetime and temperature of  ±1.75%. It has differential hall-effect sensing which  reduces crosstalk. It also addresses lead frame resistance and silicon die thermal constraints, increasing current handling capacity. Other features include overcurrent detection, precision voltage reference and sensor alert. 

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Current shunt monitors are very accurate but have complicated design, generally. The current shunt monitor series, EZShunt, provides fully integrated current sensing. This eliminates the need to use external shunt resistors. The series also includes the INA700 which is stated to be the industry’s smallest integrated current shunt monitor, reducing the size by 84%. The INA781 is a 75A current sensor expected to have highest accuracy, supporting  common-mode voltages up to 85V.


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