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18 Free eBooks on Robotics And Automation

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Recent Advances in Multi Robot Systems
Author: Aleksandar Lazinica
Published by: InTech, 2008
This book is focused on the challenging issues of team architectures, vehicle learning and adaptation, heterogeneous group control and cooperation, task selection, dynamic autonomy, mixed initiative, and human and robot team interaction.

New Approaches in Automation and Robotics
Author: Harald Aschemann
Published by: InTech, 2008
The book offers a collection of recent developments in automation, robotics as well as control theory. It is dedicated to researchers in science and industry, students, and practicing engineers, who wish to update and enhance their knowledge.

Mobile Robots: Towards New Applications
Author: Aleksandar Lazinica
Published by: InTech, 2006
Various aspects of current research areas and disciplines are explored and discussed. The book is divided in three main parts covering different research areas: Humanoid Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, and Special Applications.

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Industrial Robotics: Programming, Simulation and Applications
Author: Low Kin Huat
Published by: InTech, 2006
This book covers a wide range of topics relating to advanced industrial robotics, sensors and automation technologies. These papers represent some of the latest cutting edge technologies and advancements in industrial robotics technology.

Humanoid Robots: New Developments
Author: Armando Carlos de Pina Filho
Published by: InTech, 2007
For many years, the human being has been trying to recreate the complex mechanisms that form the human body. This book presents the researches carried through by various researchers worldwide, discussing diverse subjects related to humanoid robots.




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