Monday, July 15, 2024

High Resolution Stereo Depth Camera In Small Size

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It is suited for a range of applications including robotics and obstacle tracking for enhanced indoor and outdoor depth performance

G53 Stereo Depth Camera

Ideal for robotics, AGV/AMR, obstacle tracking and avoidance, and fast motion depth capturing, here’s introducing the G53 Stereo Depth Camera by eCapture.

Along with two mono sensor pairs for various resolutions of stereo mono and depth disparity/distance map output, the camera has 60 degrees of FOV. 

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Global shutter mono sensors and IR dot projectors make the product suitable for a range of applications requiring enhanced indoor and outdoor depth performance. 

It outputs a clean depth map and requires minimum host computing support. 

Key features

  • Processing Chip: eSP876 HD Depth Map Processor
  • Depth Output Resolution: Up to 640 x 400 pixels
  • Frame Rate: Up to 30FPS
  • RGB Output: 640 x 400
  • Minimum Depth Distance: 15cm (depends on MTF index)
  • Maximum Range: 200cm (depends on performance accuracy and ambient conditions)
  • Total Power: < 2.00W
  • Product Dimension: 50 x 14.9 x 20 mm

The G53 includes the eCapture SDK that supports Windows, Linux and Android OS with support also available for multiple different programming languages and wrapper APIs.

The new G53 camera is available from the company website and selected distributors. 


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