Friday, June 14, 2024

New Kinetic Switch Module For Radio-based Toggle Switches

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The PTM 202 module enables intuitive and easy-to-use self-powered toggle switches based on energy harvesting technology

Supporting 868 MHz radio standard is the new switch module that can enable wireless toggle switch devices. The new PTM 202 module by EnOcean gains its energy with the press of a button, thereby working battery-free. Common applications include toggle switches, central on/off switches as well as switch/actor bundles for retrofitting existing buildings.

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The PTM 202 is powered by an electro-dynamic generator ECO 200 that gets actuated by pushing one of the two sides of the top side to the end position of the module. This facilitates the module to work without any batteries or wires. Moreover, wireless products with the PTM 202 can be placed anywhere in the room, making them ideal for retrofitting existing buildings, hermetically sealed systems or hard-to-reach locations.

The PTM 202 is built in a form factor that makes it compatible with a wide range of single rocker switch designs.

Focussing on the simplicity and convenience of operating a single rocker switch, the PTM 202 enables the handling of a classic switch with the rocker in position, representing actual switch status. This implies that the module on toggle will retain the position it has been pushed into (0 or 1, which relates to off or on).

TRIO2SYS, a French designer and manufacturer of wireless and battery-free solutions has already tried and tested the new PTM 202 module. “We have been very curious to get our hands on this new wireless switch module from EnOcean, focusing on the core function of a switch, and of course we have not been disappointed. We appreciate the unique handling of a battery-free bi-stable toggle switch that is completely maintenance-free for all sorts of projects in smart buildings and that is optimised for cost-sensitive applications. All in all, it’s another well-done energy harvesting product from EnOcean,” says Yannick Rouet, Sales Manager at TRIO2SYS.


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