Thursday, June 20, 2024

Easier and More Stable Height Inspection Using New Laser-Based Sensor

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Can perform multiple measurements and maintain track from a certain height as the detected object moves in the scan region

For taking multiple measurements at once and track a target even as it moves in the scan region, here’s presenting the IX Series, a new laser-based height sensor. With the ease of use, the sensor includes Wide Scan-Area for measuring an area as large as 23.68 cm x 17.52 cm (9.2″ x 6.9″). Additionally, the IX-H can now do Width and Diameter inspections on top of the previously existing height functionality.

Key Features

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  1. Wide Scan-Area Sensor Head

The new IX-360W sensor head is a Wide Scan-Area model that provides a large scan-area for inspecting the height of multiple targets over a large area, meaning only a single sensor head needs to be used for applications that used to require multiple sensor heads.

2. Improved Tools for Better Stability

The IX Series comes equipped with several new tools created specifically to improve inspection on small and difficult targets that were difficult to set up with conventional sensors and often required high-end measurement devices or full vision systems to inspect accurately. The IX Series sensor is capable of easily performing height inspections on small targets such as connector pins with the new Pin Height tool and difficult targets such as screws or thin walls can easily be measured using the Average Height tool.

3.Width and Diameter Tools for Added Versatility

Height and Width can now be performed on a single sensor. Performing inspection on multiple different dimensions used to require multiple different sensors, which was costly and complicated to set up and integrate. The IX Series allows for up to sixteen height or width inspections at once, which means that the jobs of multiple sensors can be performed with a single sensor. Also, the IX-H’s Diameter tool can inspect the dimensions of large targets, even those that are larger than the scan area of the sensor head.

The IX-H by Keyence makes performing multiple height inspections over an area easy and simple. Large areas can now be inspected stably for all applications. 


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