Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Small And Fast Voltage Regulator Triple Output Of 10A

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By eliminating discrete componenets the voltage regulator, the IC helps reduce PCB area and delivers high-density performance

Traditional power solutions require dozens of discrete components with big footprints, complex designs and deliver power inefficiently with poor response times and inaccuracies. 

Empower’s patented IVR technology eliminates dozens of discrete components by using a single IC with greater efficiency and 10x reduction in PCB area. The result is power delivery with unprecedented simplicity, speed and accuracy. 

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So here’s presenting the EP7038, a high-performance highly Integrated Voltage Regulator (IVR) with three outputs totalling 10A that enables the full integration of multiple voltage rails all in one IC. 

It has a total output current up to 10A comprising of two 4A outputs and one 2A output from a single device. Each output is pin programmable from 0.50V to 1.20V with zero discrete components required.

Operating from a 1.8V input supply, the EP7038 enables performance 2-stage conversion with the best density, efficiency, transient performance, ripple and dynamic voltage scaling (DVS).

Having a dimension of 5mm x 5mm x 0.75mm, the EP7038 is a small integrated voltage regulator (IVR) and features a fast transient response. without requiring any external capacitors for 500ns full-load step. It also delivers a steady-state output ripple of less than 10mV.

By integrating three regulated outputs, the EP7038 has 3x density with one-third number of components.  

Applications include 

  • Optical transceiver modules
  • Networking & communication SoCs
  • AI/Machine Learning processors
  • FPGA systems

The IVR solution provides a high power density with up to 10x size reduction and 1000x better performance.

Enable, Power Good and high-speed I3C interface controls and reads telemetry information. 

The EP7038 can now be obtained from Empower Semiconductor. 


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