Monday, July 15, 2024

Ultra Long Range Detection Enables Safe Automated Driving

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Through a software enhanced 4D LiDAR hardware, the sensing system achieves long detection range for dark objects, pedestrians and bicycles

The 4D LiDAR sensing system by Aeva delivers a detection range of more than 500 metres, thanks to the software improvements on existing hardware.

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This breakthrough enables instant detection and identification of pedestrians beyond 350m and dark objects, including vehicles, beyond 500m of range. This long-range sensing has the potential to provide crucial safety enhancements for automated driving, especially in applications where sufficient braking distance is safety-critical – including in highway driving – and challenging to achieve with existing technologies. Importantly, Aeva 4D LiDAR’s ultra long-range performance also identifies the ground drivable regions beyond 200m.

The present detection range is possible by leveraging Aeva’s frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) 4D LiDAR architecture that has superior sensitivity to detect a single photon, without being sensitive to sunlight or other interference. By leveraging continuous measurements and raw instant velocity per pixel information, Aeva’s technology measures an object at long distances with higher confidence than a legacy, time-of-flight (ToF) LiDAR – enabling instant identification of dynamic objects with reflectivities below 10% at long distances.

“The perception solution is built on Aeva’s breakthrough FMCW 4D LiDAR on-chip technology, as we aim to offer a combination of performance and scalability,” said Mina Rezk, Co-founder and CTO of Aeva.


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