Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Ultra-Small, High-Capacity MLCC Adds Value To The IT Market

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Controls the flow of electric current within an electronic circuit of portable electronics products and automobiles

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has developed a 0402 size (0.4mm x 0.2mm, length x width) 1.0uF (microfarad) and 6.3V multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC). Because MLCC supply electric current to major products, including semiconductors, current storage volume and internal voltage (durability that can withstand high voltage) are important characteristics. Since over 1000 are included in devices such as smartphones, the smaller the size, the more competitive it is.

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Moreover, the product’s life is stable and its operation meets leading industry standards in terms of its DC BIAS characteristics (a characteristic that reduces product volume when DC voltage is applied, superior as there are fewer changes).

The 0402 size is an ultrasmall product that is built to fulfil increased market demands. Until now, the 0402 size, 1uF MLCC was only 4V grade and limited in terms of application to IT devices.

Through rigorous development, Samsung Electro-Mechanics succeeded in maintaining 1.0uF high-capacity characteristics for 0402 ultrasmall while increasing the rated voltage by 1.5 times (4 → 6.3V), allowing it to be applicable to various high-performance IT devices.

“This product is the first within the industry to realize miniaturisation, highest capacity and high internal voltage. We will be able to preemptively respond to the dramatically increasing demand for ultrasmall, high-performance, high-reliability MLCC from the increase in demand for electronic devices and electrification of automobiles as a result of the commercialisation of 5G telecommunication and digitalisation,” said Doo Young Kim, Head of the Components Business at Samsung Electro-Mechanics.


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