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Latch is not that BAD – Latch Vs Flip-flop

The difference between a latch and a flip-flop is that a latch is level-triggered (outputs can change as soon as the inputs changes) and Flip-Flop is edge triggered (only changes state when a control signal goes from high to...
mobile communication

Mobile Communication: From 1G to 4G

Any radiotelephone capable of operating while moving at any speed, battery operated and small enough to be carried by a person comes under the mobile communication systems. These communication systems may...

Microstrip Antenna and Their Applications

Microstrip antenna are one of the most popular types of printed antenna. These play a very significant role in today’s wireless communication systems. Here we discuss microstrip antenna, their polarisation and...
smart monitoring

Role of IoT in Home Automation

Today in the headway of Automation innovation, life is getting simpler and less demanding in all spheres. Home automation is a modern technology that modifies your home to perform different sets...

AI-Based Robot Carries Out Precise And Risk-Free Blood Sampling

The ability of the robot to efficiently collect blood samples and give highly correct results prevents deadly infections caused due to improper blood drawing techniques. At the same time, the device...

Load Bearing Shape-Shifting Blocks Controlled By Arduino Board

This unique innovation addresses the common problems associated with non-temporary, space-occupying furniture, among others. Due to ever-increasing shortage of free space in enclosed rooms and the non-feasibility of setting up permanent arrangements...

The Latest In Artificial Intelligence And Its Applications

AI is becoming a disruptive force that is redefining the modern industry. This article features some exciting applications of AI, along with a glimpse into the future, illustrating how AI will...

Sensors for the Automobile Industry

Sensors play an important role in the automobile manufacturing industry. In this article, we discuss the different sensors that are used in the modern car. Modern cars make thousands of decisions based...

Importance of Sensors In the Internet of Things

Different types of applications require different types of sensors to collect data from the environment. This article takes a look at some common IoT sensors In an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem,...

An Autonomous Robot To Clean Solar Panels

Among renewable energies available worldwide, solar is used extensively due to its abundant availability. For this energy to be utilised effectively, efficiency of the solar panels plays a major role in...

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