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Open-Source Ventilator Projects Developed By Experts Part-1

Lack of medical supplies, especially ventilators can prove to be a major setback for combating the coronavirus disease. But with the help of specially-designed ventilators by engineers from all over the...

Ultrathin Image Sensor For Pulse Wave and Biometric Authenticity

Besides being ultrathin, the sensor is highly lightweight, flexible and comes with an unbreakable electronic circuitry. All this enables it to be worn around, like a tattoo, and get real-time information. Japan...

Li-Fi: The Brighter Way to Communicate

Light Fidelity is a light-based Wi-Fi that can transmit data more swiftly, safely and securely, thereby holding immense potential for multiple domains. Globally, Wi-Fi has been used for years to access and...
Robotic nurses in a hospital in Bangkok

AI In Modern Logistics, Transportation And Smart Roads

Logistics is a vital part of every business model. It forms an important part of the supply chain that involves planning, implementation, forwarding and reversing the flow of goods, services and...

Lilliputian Robots: The Micro-Bots Revolution Is Here!

Micro-robotics deals with small-scale robots of micrometres size. A typical macro-scale mobile robot is a self-contained, untethered and re-programmable machine that can perceive, move and learn in a given environment to...
frequency spectrum analysis

Frequency Spectrum Analysis of Signals

Whether it is for tuning of a musical instrument or searching for extraterrestrial radio signals, frequency spectrum analysis of signals provides valuable information otherwise not available. While an oscilloscope displays a...

Sixth Sense Technology: Life Beyond Physical Senses

Sixth Sense technology, based on the interaction of the physical world with digital information, has the potential of bringing about a revolution in the field of technology and paving the way...

TWISTRONICS: How Twisting Changes Properties Of 2D Materials

The ability to tune properties of a layered material by varying the twist angle provides the possibility for a single material to perform a variety of functions instead of using many...

Importance of Sensors In the Internet of Things

Different types of applications require different types of sensors to collect data from the environment. This article takes a look at some common IoT sensors In an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem,...

The Rise Of AI And Its Impact

There is no accepted or standard definition of good artificial intelligence (AI). However, good AI is one that can guide users understand various options, explain tradeoffs among multiple possible choices and...

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