Tuesday, April 16, 2024

12 Android Apps for Electronics Engineers

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7. Electrical Engineering Pack (Rs. 270)

If Electrical Pro was worth its price this one have much more worth than that. This is one of the most comprehensive apps for electronics engineers which consists of 39 Electrical/Electronic calculator and 16 Electrical/ Electronic Convertors. All what you need in relation to electrical and electronics is here in this app i.e. all in one.

8. Electrical calculations
One of the most essential app for electronics engineerins. It has the ability to identify the unknown values of different quantities of electrical and electronics circuits. There are lots of electrical calculators available in this app at once. This app comes in free and pro versions.

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9. Electrical LV Calculator

Electrical LV Calculator allows you to design electrical system which reduces the reactive power, that is it improve power factor, the maximum allowable power installation, calculates current in a short circuit, Voltage drop, the automatic switch current in A, calculate the minimum and maximum cable and wire size, calculate the number of earth electrodes and earth resistance etc

10. Electrical Engineering

This app contains 3 of the most useful Electronic tools, the electrical calculator, the Electrical circuit calculator and the Electrical formulas. It also provides you a list of few electronics resources and ebooks that can be bougth through the app.

11. PICmicro Database

PICmicro Databse lets the user check and compare the applying filters, characteristic and features of various and popular dcPIC and PIC Microcontrollers product and components by Microchip.

12. Ohm’s Law

Carries two of the most common calculators for electronics use, i.e. Ohm’s law calculator and the Watt’s Law calculator.

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