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Top 10 DIY Projects To Combat Corona

In India, we are experiencing the 2nd wave of Corona and it is much stronger and deadlier than the previous year. People are finding various ways to fight it. We all are familiar with basic protection from the virus, but still, it is not enough. So in this listicle, we would be discovering 10 DIY Electronics projects to fight Corona.

1. Hospital Sanitizing Robot

The UV sanitization robot uses the power of UV rays to kill germs and bacteria. The robot can also give a live video stream of its surroundings. With the help of WiFi, we can control the robot and its GUI allows us to drive the robot inside a hospital room without physically being there. All this enables us to sanitize the hospital room as per our requirements. By killing the germs, the UV light restricts their multiplication by destroying their reproductive system.

This project is available at: Hospital Sanitizing Robot

2. Oxygen Concentrator

The Oxikit can provide oxygen of 24 litre per minute with concentration of 92 %.This open source oxygen concentrator design uses the material found locally and can be made by any person easily. Its design also includes zeolites that absorb the Nitrogen and other gas like co2 from air and using the valve and Arduino the process of compressing the air intake cycle and output air is controlled.

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This project is available at: Oxygen Concentrator

3. Blood Oxygen And Heart Rate Monitor With Automatic Data Saving System

In this DIY project, we will try to make a Smart Health Monitoring Device that can measure SpO2 (percentage of oxygen in the blood) and heart rate. This wearable device can be used by athletes to monitor their heart rate and blood oxygen levels during workout. Best part of this project is that you can connect this device to an app that automatically saves all the sensor data to a text file.

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Pulse Sensor prototype with Heart Rate Monitor and oxygen meter
Fig 1. Pulse Sensor

This project is available at: Blood Oxygen And Heart Rate Monitor With Automatic Data Saving System

4. Smart Door Camera with Facial Recognition Feature for Thermal Screening

The device works by recognising the face of each person and doing thermal screening to detect the body temperature. If a person is found to have a very high temperature, then the system will not allow entry and instead will automatically notify that person to take a COVID-19 test. If the body temperature falls between the required normal temperature range and is found to be okay, then entry is allowed after proper sanitization.

This project is available at: Smart Door Camera with Facial Recognition Feature for Thermal Screening

5. Corona COVID-19 Detection Device

This is a concept DIY of COVID-19 Corona Detection Device that helps to detect the symptoms of COVID-19, so as to help individuals quarantine themselves and practice social distancing. The DIY works by detecting the basic symptoms of the virus, which are: increased body temperature and shortness of breath. Although it is not necessary that shortness of breath will cause low levels of oxygen in your blood in general cases, coronavirus causes infection in your lungs which leads to low oxygen level or hypoxia.
So, today in our device we will try to look for these symptoms of the virus to detect potential suspects, so that they can get a further check-up for confirmation.

Fig Prototype

This project is available at: Corona Covid-19 Detection Device

6. Open Source Ventilator To fight Corona

This project provides all the parts required to build a good-enough ARDS ventilator from mass-produced components. We provide all the required mechanical parts, electronics designs & boards, and firmwares. This ventilator can be 3D-printed and ran on an Arduino board (the maker way), though we highly advise that you work with industrial processes as to mold medical-grade plastic parts and assemble the whole ventilator (this would be required for the built ventilator to pass all medical certifications).

This project is available at: Open Source VentilatorOpen Source Ventilator

7. Automatic Contactless

With increased technological advancements, switches require updating with current times. To avoid the risk of contracting COVID-19, it has become important to not touch surfaces of buttons and keys that have been frequently used by other people. This calls for a need to innovate the switching technology for replacing a hand-operated switch, with an automatic contactless switch.

Automatic Contactless Switch
Automatic Contactless Switch to Fight Corona

So today, we will design a no-touch switch that works entirely on hand gestures. Our smart contactless switch includes a sensor that is capable of detecting hand movements and translates them into commands for controlling lights, fans and various home appliances.

This project is available at: Automatic Contactless

8. COVID-19 Fencing System & Contact Traceability

COVID-19 is a highly infectious and easily contractable virus that can become extremely hard to control once it begins to spread. Social isolation/distancing is one of the most important and effective steps one can take to break the chain and to keep healthy people from getting infected. If an infected person comes into contact with a healthy person then that person gets infected too and when both people come in contact with a third or fourth person, they also get infected, and in this way, the chain continues and this dangerous disease starts to spread throughout the whole country, resulting in the death of a large number of people. Because of these reasons, it becomes important for people to distance themselves from others as much as possible so that they do not contract the virus, or spread it if they’re already infected.

To help with this, today we’re making a device(COVID-19 Fencing System) that will alert healthy people when they go near areas that have been infected by the virus. For this, we use the GPS module to create a GEOFence between the infected area and the healthy area. We will also use a GSM Module that informs the person and the authorities if anybody violates the law and tries to enter an infected area or if any infected person tries to enter a healthy area. Later, we will also create a traceability system using GEO location that can trace the chain of the spread to lock down infected areas.

This project is available at: COVID-19 Fencing System & Contact Traceability

9. Remote Health Monitoring With BLE Capability For COVID-19 Doctors

Due to the lack of transport and the non-availability of doctors, a lot of people might not get the right treatment at the right time. This happens because patients living in remote areas do not have access to doctors. So today we have decided to make a remote health monitoring device that will help doctors to assess a patient’s health in real-time.

This project is available at: Remote Health Monitoring With BLE Capability For COVID-19 Doctors

10. Apollo ventilator

This project is available at: Apollo Ventilator


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