This section features all the Basic Electronics articles which will be very useful for Engineers, Electronics Enthusiasts and for those who have just started learning about Electronics.

Difference Between AC and DC

What Is The Difference Between AC and DC?

Before getting deep dive into the question which is more dangerous and which is more efficient we let’s talk about AC and DC. What is AC Current? The AC current changes its polarity...

How will a ‘5G smart city’ look like?

Watch this video to know how will 5G technology transform our cities and our lives by connecting buildings, cars, people and a whole slew of other things. Courtesy: Funny video

How to Use a Transistor

In this video, the presenter will help you to understand how to use bipolar NPN transistor. Courtesy: Mindstorm India

Tutorial: POR, LVD, WDT

This presentation will help you understand various terms such as Power-On-Reset, Low Voltage Detection and Watchdog Timer. What is POR,LVD,WDT ? from Pantech ProLabs India Pvt Ltd
embedded systems overview

Embedded Systems – An Overview

Embedded systems are a cornerstone of the electronics industry today. Embedded systems are used in almost all the areas like consumer, cooking, industrial, automotive, medical, commercial and military applications. What is a...
Relay switch

What Is Relay? | Relay Switch Pin Diagram

Relays control circuits by opening and closing contacts in another circuit. It take a relatively small amount of power to operate the coil, but this itself can be used to control...

Overview of Basic Electronic Components

In this video, the presenter will be giving you an overview on Identifying Electronic components and their functions for those who are new to electronics. Courtesy: bigclivedotcom
raspberry pi

What Is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry pi is a series of single board computers developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation for basic computer science in schools for developing countries. Originally intended for teaching computer science in...
GSM Module

All You Wanted to Know About GSM Module and GPRS Module

Before we get into what a GSM module is, let us get our fundamentals right and understand what GSM and GPRS are. A GSM module or a GPRS module is a chip or...

What Is A Switch Debouncer? How Does It Work?

Mechanical switches are one of the most common components used in electrical and electronics manual control circuits. When you press a mechanical switch, two metal parts come in contact with each...

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